The Praetorian Empire

For thousands of years the continent of Valor has been under siege by hordes of orcs. The dwarves shut themselves in their mountains, the elves hid in their forests but it was the humans who took a stand against the great tides of evil – and became proficient in it.

After the dwarves nearly died out from an outbreak of an unknown disease and before the elvish tree top cities were taken over by orc hordes, an alliance was made – the Treaty of the Three Kingdoms would turn the three regions into an Empire. It would turn the King of Praetoria into the new Emperor of the Three Kingdoms.


Here lies a history and timeline of events on Valor.

Culture & Laws

Before the One Hundred Year War

During the One Hundred Year War

After the One Hundred Year War

Regions of Valor

Here you can find more detailed information about Valor, the continents regions as well as the cities and other landmarks that dot the landmass.