Transportation, Weapons and Utility - Technological




The Wyvern and the Hoverboat are class C airships, the first airships invented by the gnomes which are powered by the gnomish invention, the fulminator engine. These airships are the cheapest way to travel by air though there are larger alternatives such as the Valkyrie, a class A ship of superior craftsmanship which could transport a large militia.


The number of class A airships ever in circulation on Malice can be counted on one hand. On top of the enormous costs of construction, the fulminator engine requires significant maintenance that the costs of upkeep of these airships over the years can be more than the vessel costs itself, while class C airships are more common, often used as a luxury transport for nobles and those who can afford it.


The Rail

The rise of the fulminator engine also pioneered the way for the Rail, a train that travels from East Valor to West Valor through the Stoneforged Pass. This is the most common method for common folk to economically traverse long distances in a short amount of time, and while the Rail has a very limited railway, it is still often thought to be much more efficient than horse and carriage.



NOTE: Since these weapons do bludgeoning and piercing damage, both factor into weakness and resistance. If one damage is a weakness and the other is resistance, they cancel each other out. Conversely, if only had has a certain effect (weakness, resistance, immunity, etc.), it becomes the dominant effect.

All attack rolls made with firearms are rolled with disadvantage. If a character has the Firearm Training feat all attack rolls made with firearms are rolled normally.


Transportation, Weapons and Utility - Technological

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