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“No further will the Wyrmsworn advance unchecked! No longer will we fall back before them! This far, no further! For those dead, for those living, and those yet unborn we will sell our lives dearly!”
—Emperor Caius Bantius Tyranus, atop the walls before the Siege of the Imperial City, IIV 621

Welcome to the LEGENDS OF MÄLICE campaign setting!


Conflict and strife never cease on Mälice, the world is constantly embroiled in turmoil. Few heroes stand against the rising darkness and even fewer survive! The LEGENDS OF MÄLICE campaign setting is a world where there are adventures at your every turn, for those willing to undertake them. But these lands are filled with danger and when one evil or wrong is stamped out, three more manage to reveal themselves! Adventure is always right around the next corner!

Enter a place of fantastic lands and adventure in the LEGENDS OF MÄLICE campaign setting. The continent of Välör, once under the control of the human controlled Praetorian Empire, this beautiful landscape has now been under siege by the Wyrmsworn Dominion during a time of conflict named the One-Hundred Year War. As of now, the occupation is nearly complete, the peoples of Välör have given into draconic rule. Any resistance there was has been crushed, either killed or imprisoned. The Praetorians have given up, secretly acknowledging that fighting back is futile and their most pressing concerns are assimilation, or slavery.


Älcäzäz, this continent once the ancient homeland of the giants, now the domain of the Wyrmsworn Dominion, is a place of oppression for those without draconic blood and often the struggle for any of the “lesser races” to survive day to day for is very real. But the Wyrmsworn were not always the masters of Älcäzäz and the struggle the “lesser races” face now was a much kinder fate than the draconic races faced during their struggle. Their giant masters forced those with draconic blood to a point of extinction, kobold, urd, dragonborn, and half-dragon exterminated, like cockroaches, like pests. The powerful dragons numbers dwindled as hunting parties of giant dragon-hunters were sent out on a daily basis to rid Älcäzäz of these beasts and it seemed hope was lost for them. Until one day the draconic races in a moment of desperation aligned with each other under one banner and began the process of fighting back, the Wyrmsworn Revolution.

This is just the known world of Mälice as other continents, journeys, and mysteries remain undiscovered on the other side of the globe. What other legends have yet to be discovered, and what part will you play?

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