Cosmic Origin

Elder God

The creator of the known multiverse.

Great Expansion

The creation of the astral and planes of existence alongside its aftereffects is known as the Great Expansion.

The Light

An eternal sentient consciousness which lacks a corneal form. Its sole believed purpose is to contain its counterpart the Darkness.

The Darkness

The source of all evil of the planes, the Darkness constantly looks for ways to thwart the Light and to consume the material universe in a cold blanket of death.


Avatars are those who have been gifted powers of the Light or Darkness. The Light and Darkness select agents to carry out their goals in undermining each other.

The Gods

The gods are paragons of their kind, chosen among the strongest of avatars to fight their battles in the Outer Planes. Many priests and paladins pray and receive their powers from these beings whose power can leech into the material universe.

Cosmic Origin

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