Chapter 7 Life in the World

Lands of Malice



Homeland of the Praetorian Empire and the Three Kingdoms. The people here are known for technological superiority over the other nations of Malice though now during the conclusion of the One Hundred Year War most of that technology was destroyed or needs severe repairs. The Praetorians rule over the lands of Valor are honorable and just, the core tenants of the Empire state that every citizen deserve life, liberty, and happiness.


Alcazaz is the birthplace of the Wyrmsworn, a radical alliance of draconic races once under the ruthless oppressive rule of the ancient giants. The Wyrmsworn have mastered the magical arts and are fierce manipulators of magic, and some even say none on Malice could produce the magical effects that dragons blood can. The Wyrmsworn populace live a very rigid and orderly life, controlled by the will of the Wyrmlord and the Wyrmsworn theology. Those without some sort of dragons blood in their veins tend to be slaves to those who do. Along with the possibility of slavery among the “lesser races”, those without dragons blood must be registered with the various Wyrmsworn bureaucracies, are prohibited from owning weapons and property, and generally must seek permission to travel throughout the domains of Alcazaz.

Lydian Islands

The once mystical homeland of the ancient elves of old, these islands have been colonized by the human Praetorians. Many ruins filled with the remnants of the long gone elfish kingdom of old, their treasures await adventurers bold enough to enter the darkness and clever enough to bypass their traps and wards. This island is surrounded by a raging hurricane, its “eye”, hundreds of miles in diameter,


The desolate deserts of Asyüt are rumored to be home to a undead bent on consuming every last drop of life on the planet. Scholars agree that Asyüt was once a green and thriving landscape but had something changed all of that.

Darkheim, the Underdeep

Historic Events


The One Hundred Year War

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Chapter 7 Life in the World

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