Chapter 2 Character Races

Your choice of race for your player character establishes many of the fundamental traits that define your roleplaying experience. Specific values, perspectives, and motivations are associated with each race in the LEGENDS OF MALICE campaign setting. Although your selection of geographical background informs your character’s outlook, race is a primary contributing factor.

Races published by WotC and other third parties are copyright protected and thus stats will not be provided in this setting. You will need the appropriate product material to play those races.


Dragonborn are a handsome fusion of dragon and human. Tall and muscled, gifted with incredible strength and great reserves of physical endurance, dragonborn are ideal warriors. Added to their physical prowess is their adherence to a disciplined life, giving them the will to excel at whatever they set out to do.

The dragonborn of Malice make up a large number of those apart the Wyrmsworn Dominion, ranging from citizen, to scholar, to soldier. Those dragonborn who do break away from the culture of conflict and tyranny tend to be shunned by the “lesser races”, when someone thinks dragonborn it tends to be associated with the Wyrmsworn.



The glory of the ancient dwarven kingdoms lies far in the past, yet these stout champions remain vigilant against the myriad foes arrayed against them. The Stout Folk pride themselves in the achievements of their people. Claiming that they stepped fully formed from the heart of the world, dwarves have much in common with the stone and steel they respect.

Dwarves are doughty, toughened by countless wars. Though many of their strongholds lay in ruin, the dwarves bravely hold what remains theirs, while looking to reclaim their past empires.

Many races of dwarf live on Malice and create their cities and strongholds inside the rocky mountains found on the planet. The most famous and largest family of dwarves hail from Dham Maldür, the dwarven kingdom of the Stoneforged Mountains. These same dwarves were almost destroyed by a deadly outbreak, a disease that tore the proud Stoneforged dwarves apart from their inside out. The dwarves never recovered and every Stoneforged born since are infertile. Unless a cure is found it will be the end of the Stoneforged bloodline.



Elves gather small tribes in sylvan forests, windswept plains, and remote mountain vales. These secluded people prefer the natural world over the trappings of civilization and live in harmony with the wilderness. Elves are cautious warriors who fight constantly against the abominations stalking their lands. Expert archers and cunning warriors, they use guile and tactical cunning to secure their homelands.

True elves no longer live on Malice. They disappeared from their homeland, the Haeìl Làdiyan Isles, named the Lydian Islands by the Three Kingdoms, long ago – and no one knows why. Did they finally transcend the mortal realm? Or is the answer much more sinister than anyone had ever thought? Whatever the true answer, the elves on Malice are a fragment of their former glory and in no way represent the elves of old.


Sea Elf

Not much is known about sea elves as they remain a elusive and secretive species. One myth is that the true elves who disappeared from the Lydian Islands evolved to breathe water. It is said they sensed the coming dangers and took to the sea to escape.


The eladrin are mysterious people of Faerie. Masters of sword and spell, they defend their glittering cities and ancestral homelands from the dark forces arrayed against them. Eladrin are possessed of a keen, almost instinctual understanding of magic. They are most comfortable in places where the veil between the mortal world and the Feywild is at its thinnest, such as the Lydian Islands. While eladrin are content to seclude themselves among their own kind behind the wards and defenses protecting their communities, the burgeoning evil stalking the lands brings forth many eladrin champions who devote their lives to battling their ancient enemies.

Eladrin are a rare sight on Malice indeed. Humans who have seen eladrin can count the numbers of times on one hand over their entire lifetime.



Gearforged are clockwork constructs built by the rock gnomes before the Treaty of the Three Kingdoms had been signed as personal protection from the marauding orcs hordes. After the treaty was signed, the three kingdoms joined forces to push back the orcs into their desert wastes. Gearforged posses a consciousness not yet understood by the fleshy races, and their freedoms have yet to be recognized, often still thought of as property. While a few gearforged have been granted citizenship, most still are under the control and serve the rock gnomes as their manservant and standing army.



Genasi are beings that are descended from elemental-related outsiders from other planes – such as efreet, djinn, and marids – who have had children with humans. The outsiders extraplanar abilities get passed down to their children, but over time the bloodline dilutes until it is no longer apparent in most descendants. Every few generations however, a child may be born who displays some of the special qualities of her ancestor.



The two most common type of gnome to live on Malice are the forest gnomes of the Feywild and the rock gnomes native to Malice.

Forest gnomes are sly tricksters who excel at avoiding notice as they move between the Feywild and the world, driven by curiosity and wanderlust. When they are noticed, they tend to use humor to deflect attention and hide their true thoughts.If you ask a forest gnome about the eladrin, the most they know is that the fey elves are relatively new to the Feywild compared to that of other fey of the Wilds. Not much else is known about them.

Rock gnomes, also known as tinker gnomes, are the tinkerer’s of Malice, the engineers of the Fulminator Rail and the Fulminator Dirigible among many other minor inventions such as flintlock and other devices. Rock gnomes are much more serious than their Feywild counterparts. While gnomes in general are rare, a dozen communities at best, they have advanced the technological prowess of the Praetorian Empire and the Three Kingdoms immensely.



Goliaths are mountain-dwelling nomads who see life as a grand competition. Their scattered bands have never been major players in the politics of the lowland world, but they have wandered the mountain ranges of the world since the primordials first shaped the peaks and valleys. Tall and massive, goliaths revere the primal power of nature and use it to enhance their own strength.



Half-dragons are the result of procreation between humans and dragons. They tend to take on more prominent draconic features as they age and have more draconic personalities than other races. The type of dragon parent usually, but not always, determines how the half-dragon’s personality will develop. For instance, a red half-dragon will generally be more impulsive and greedy than a silver half-dragon. While most half-dragons remain loyal to the Wyrmsworn, they are perceived to be abominations my most draconic races.


The mixing of elf and human is a common tale. Many stories of romance between these two races can be heard around Malice. As a result, elfmarked are taller than their elven ancestors and carry some of the strength of their human bloodlines. They have slightly harsher features than elves, but the mix still makes them pleasant to lay eyes on.

Unfortunately, the children of these forbidden romances are often shunned, becoming victims of prejudice by humans and elves alike. Most half elves are unaffected by the discrimination and retain a pleasant manner. Usually half elves will develop a very close and trusted group of friends that act as a surrogate family.



Half-orcs are a dark, lonely race, born only from the plunders of war. Invariably, their orc parent is the lowest of the low to have raped a human and their human parent is…well, dead. Half-orcs grow up pariahs in orc society, despised by the gods, despised by their parent, and despised by their society. But this fundamental loneliness has made the half-orcs strong. They’ve begun breeding among themselves, fighting the orcs, and even giving themselves a unique name: the sangavido, which translates to the bloodthirsty in the goliath’s language. Both humanity and the orcs are watching this newfound race with apprehension, fearful that one day the half-orcs may grow to usurp them both.



Creatures of the earth who love a warm hearth and pleasant company, halflings are folks of few enemies and many friends. Halflings are widely dispersed throughout Malice and survive by escaping the notice of big folk. Most halflings are content with simple lives, never gaining more prestige than the respect of their local community.

Halflings are sometimes referred to fondly by members of other races as “the good folk,” for little upsets them or corrupts their spirit. For many, the greatest fear is to live in a world of poor company and mean intent, where one lacks the freedom and comfort to pursue his or her own life.



Among the races of Malice, humans are the most numerous and widespread. Humans are builders and destroyers who have fleeting life spans that can drive them to momentous accomplishments or simple pleasures. Some say humans will control all of Malice by virtue of their numbers alone. Although many humans are content to live simple lives, never looking beyond the farms and fences that surround their communities, there are always those who insist on expanding and conquering.


h3 Kobold

Kobolds are small, frail and reptilian-like humanoids with cowardly and sadistic tendencies. Despite this they are related to dragons and barely qualify as Wyrmsworn.

Kobold are the peons of the Wyrmsworn Dominion and though the occasional kobold rises through the ranks it does not happen often. These critters are expert trapsmiths who rely on their speed and cunning to overtake their foes rather than brute strength.


Lizardfolk are savage and cunning predators who are easily provoked and fiercely territorial. However, this conception is only a half-truth. The lizardfolk are an ancient race, whose culture and tribal traditions have remained unchanged for millennia.

Most lizardfolk hail from the Lydian Islands though small tribes do exist throughout the planet. While lizardfolk are not entirely hostile, they are very territorial of their lands. While most don’t see it through their reptilian eyes, lizardfolk are a very intelligent and realist species.


Living in primitive tribes scattered across the harshest and most inhospitable environments in the world, thriving where few men would dare to set foot. From the frost-bitten peaks at the world’s edge to the driest deserts to the savage jungles ruled by wild beasts to the toxic and deadly swamps, they call them all home. As wells of seemingly endless spirit, power and rage, directed by unseen forces as a natural force of barbaric destruction—the creatures known as orcs are known and feared far and wide.


Plagued by a dark and sinister heritage, tieflings walk through the shadows of their race’s past, savoring the darkness or trying to escape it. Tieflings are scattered throughout Malice, littered geographically in a reminder of distant times when devils and demons exerted an active influence over the lands. As a race, tieflings have prospered despite prejudice and preconceived notions of their evil nature. They have arisen from obscurity and darkness to become active participants in the affairs of Malice.


*more playable races will be added in the future.

Chapter 2 Character Races

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