Chapter 1 Introduction


The year is IIV 622, 622 years after the signing of the Treaty of the Three Kingdoms when elves, dwarves and humans repelled the growing orcs hordes back to the dunes of their deserts on Valor. The current state of the world does not look good – the Praetorian Empire is under siege. The Empire and her lands have come under the control of a cruel conglomerate of draconic races known as the Wyrmsworn Dominion, led by the one and great Wyrmlord with his left and right hand, the Highlords. Those who have complied will live and those who resist will die. That is Wyrmsworn mercy.

Constantly engaged in trials of survival, strife, and conflict, the Wyrmsworn have grown from a nearly extinct bloodline to becoming one of the most formidable factions on Malice. From rebelling against their giant masters, taking their freedom through bloodshed and sacrifice, and building a kingdom of their own in a matter of a thousand years the Wyrmsworn believe if they are strong enough to take it, they are destined for it. They know the strong are fit to rule the weak. And to the Wyrmsworn, weak is defined as anyone or anything without some draconic bloodline.

Welcome to the LEGENDS OF MALICE campaign setting – I have put a lot of work and effort in creating a home brew setting which is full of wonder and amazement for your PCs and players alike. With this, please, feel free to send me any questions or comments about the world of Malice and its workings. The more questions I can answer for you the more I can flesh out the small things and make it better for you!

Thanks and have fun!

DM DivineDragoonXD

Chapter 1 Introduction

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