Every child has dreamed about leaving their home; the wish to see far away places, adventuring on epic quests for noblemen and kings and wandering the vast world in search of knowledge, treasure, fame, glory or a multitude of additional wants and desires. The majority of individuals choose to set aside these dreams and start to learn the trades of their families or whoever they are apprenticed under, the safe and familiar path through life. For a few individuals, however, the calling for far away adventures and heroic feats remain strong; this gives the adventurer conviction to grasp their dreams and journey into a strange new world and life.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters are those people who dedicate themselves to hunting people who have a price on their heads, dead or alive, whatever condition the employer wants. Bounty hunters are skilled trackers and combatants, they are relentless and some ruthless, but at the end of the day it’s the money and their reputation that matters to them.


Your earlier life was spent as a slave, working for the benefit of others. You may have been sold into slavery, condemned for a crime, or born into a situation from which few escape. Nevertheless, you are now free to travel and adventure, having earned or bought your freedom.